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Jan 16 16 10:15 PM

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Cannot recall how we came to have this bottle on the wine rack or even where it came from, but we only had the one. The label says it's 60% Cabernet, 30% Tempranillo, 10% Grenache, aged 2 years in barrel and 3 years in the bottle. Its a 2006 so I guess it's had a few more years in the bottle since. 

It has a fabulous attractive inky dark colour in the glass, can't see through it, the nose is heavy with spice, pepper,  liquorice - warm and comforting. Starts off well. Initially tastes of damsons, blackcurrents but short lived in the mouth until the hint of vanilla, bit of oak take over  - although too much for Clare I didn't mind it. Would I buy again if I saw it? Possibly, certainly not unpleasant but for me still lacking in something I couldn't put my finger on, but what??? 

Drank over two nights, don't think it improved
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Jan 17 16 7:58 AM

Hi Nick,

I bought a case of the 2001 a couple of years ago when Tesco sold it and from what I can remember it worked out around £4/£5 a botttle.
Thought the 2001 was pretty decent as did Ian and we both raved about it at the time.

I have tasted the 2006 and it nowhere near the the quality of the 2001, although still very drinkable.

See my thoughts ....

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Jan 17 16 10:43 AM

They look and sound fairly similar, would be interested to try the 2001, by the sounds of it, it was a better vintage, will keep a look out. Perhaps we got the 2006 in a mixed Tesco case.

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