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Jan 8 16 10:25 PM

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Hambledon Classic Cuvee       £29

Laura's Boyfriend brought this lovely English Sparkler from Hampshire round tonight.

Not tasted much English sparkling wine but I must say this was brilliant, very dark gold colour in the glass, very frothy when poured but with very fine bubbles when it settled.
Very dry, crisp and  acidic, apples, pears and slightly figgy.
Not everyone enjoyed it (Laura and Agnes not keen) but for me I thought it was very nice, pretty impressed with English Sparkling wine I've tasted so far, if still pretty expensive.
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Jan 9 16 9:23 AM

We have tried English sparkling at a couple of tastings - I'm yet to be converted😮

We have some English wine on our rack that we bought from vinyards Shropshire way. We've had one bottle already but it was very sharp. The others are different grapes so we'll see.

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Jan 9 16 1:41 PM

A couple of fizzy whites have reached dizzy heights in the recent past have they not? A Kent vineyard....and Cornwall too.

Maybe it depends on vintage with English weather being less determinate than Champagne for instance for ripening.

I've had Denbies before and a tour there and they have at least 12 different grapes to call on to make their cuvees. The still white I thought quite attractive and moderately priced at around £8. I was with a friend who bought me a bottle of red for maybe 13.99 that I would never pay and certainly not for what was average quality.

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Jan 9 16 5:22 PM

Chapel Down & Nyetimber are both lovely - tasted both at Majestic at various tastings over the last 12 months; the quality is there but the price too high especially if/when compared to a good quality champagne when on offer. As for Denbies, I too had a great tour of the vineyard/winery a year or so back and enjoyed the tasting, a bit disappointed though when I bought a bottle of white wine in their restaurant only to find it was German wine in disguise. You'll probably guess I have no problem with German wine, but not when I'm sat in an English vineyard.

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Jan 9 16 6:24 PM

Like Keith I thought the Nyetimber was pretty good, it's just the price puts me off, never see it on special offer.

Clare - you mentioned about the Nyetimber bubbles not lasting long but the Hambledon bubbles were very small, fine &  subtle although very fizzy when poured initially. It is very dry and taut but has a lovely fresh feel about it, I enjoyed it.

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