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Apr 23 14 6:54 PM

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This wine comes from Norwich and has no grape actually named. 

Nose: quite flat, a hint of spice 

Palette: fruity (blackcurrant), slight spice finish, little tannin 

Finish: blackcurrant 

It's OK - lacks depth and is more like drinking an alcoholic squash. We had this with chicken dinner - it suited as it's a very light red to compliment the white meat. 

I would use this in cooking - jellies, summer fruit based desserts, fruit coulis, redcurrants based meat dishes. 

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Apr 23 14 10:26 PM

This isn't actually English wine, just imported grape juice fermented into wine in Norfolk. Heard reviews of this being vile, so I think maybe you're giving it some credit here=). That being said, using it for cooking means you don't fancy it either for drinking. Not something I'd buy normally, so nice to see you've tried it anyway.

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Apr 24 14 6:38 AM

I didn't think it was home grown - I really can't remember how it ended up in our rack but being as it was St George's Day it seemed a chance to try.

It wasn't unpleasant as a drink but it wasn't wine so if you were comparing it to wine it wouldn't get off the mark.

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