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Aug 28 15 5:44 PM

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Oh I'm first, no surprise there smiley: rollI quite like a vodka and slimline tonic, or vodka and orange cordial (undiluted squash) and hot vodka with cloudy apple juice on a cold winter night is just perfect. 

I've made some various vodkas too: raspberry, Christmas pudding and now Skittles - yes really smiley: wink
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Aug 30 15 8:19 PM

It's easy to make Skittles vodka (just separate the colours, add to vodka and shake every day until dissolved) you need to strain it really well. 

We tried it last nightsmiley: tongue

Yellow tasted like Beecham's flu stuff - might be good as a hot drink for flu (crushed paracetamol was also suggested to add but I'm not sure that's a good idea) 

Red and Purple tasted OK - nothing amazing so will probably use in cocktails 

Green was best - tasted like lime Starburst but again nothing really special. 

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