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Aug 25 15 8:55 AM

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I love your latest blog to TWC Dave 👏

I'll be doing similar tomorrow - anyone else? If so add a link so we can all read 👍
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Aug 25 15 10:45 AM

Hi Eddie,
Guitar playing along with painting and drawing is just something I enjoy, I use to play a lot in my younger days then I stopped for about 20 years it's only in my recent  job that I started playing again, mainly for sing a longs at our centre for adults with learning dissabilities.
I did have quite a few guitars including Fender telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls, Harmony Acoustics and I play a little bass.
These days I only have the German 70's Hoyer mentioned on my site and a Yamaha elctro/Acoustic.
I like to play mainly Rock/Punk and I'm a big fan of The Beatles music and tend to play a lot of their songs.
Strictly Amatuer though !!

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Aug 25 15 5:24 PM

I'm so in awe! Would love to have musical talent. My musical tastes are catholic in the extreme- jazz - fuelled by frequent visits to France who almost sanctify jaz musicians -blues, country and western, folk , rock, classical. Also love the likes of Sinatra and - a very guilty secret- Julio Iglesias!!! But only a little every now and again.

Eddie, absolutely fascinating reading your site - as a lass from Ryhope originally I know many of your venues also my brother in law and family live in Poyntoand he loves country and folk - well most music so may well have seen you.

Did not take all in in my reading so will revisit.

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Aug 25 15 8:12 PM

Yeah..professional for 35 years on the International folk circuit but I'm mainly an acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter immersed in old blues and ragtime, hillbilly country, western swing and other bits and bobs.

My last CD, Red Shoes & Blues, was with the Scottish harmonica virtuoso Fraser Speirs who this time in 2008 was touring with Paolo Nutini and playing for the Jamaican Olympic team in Beijing as a promo thing for Paolo's 'New Shoes', the Nike advert soundtrack. He was on the #1 single and album after that before getting the push and coming back to me so we could go touring.

I gave it a few more years but decided to 'retire' at the end of 2013 and concentrate on not working so hard and travelling to Europe for holidays instead of employment opportunities! And filling the car boot with cases of wine instead of PA and guitar cases.

So now I can be a 'weekend warrior' and just play for fun now mostly, around the north east.

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Aug 26 15 7:34 AM

I've added my blog farewell

It would be lovely Eddie if you could join one of our meet up weekends (plans in the making) so we could enjoy your wine knowledge and music too :)

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