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Apr 21 14 10:01 AM

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This is a delicious dessert wine, it's so smooth. It isn't overly sweet, more like a peach filled nectar with citrus highlights. It's finish is quite crisp so no cloying syrup left in your mouth.

It's great with fruit based desserts: tarte tatin or peach tart.

It's also great with chocolate for a 'little glass of something' in the evening - especially with Crunchie.


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Feb 26 15 10:23 PM

Shame youre not local to me Clare. A fairly local Tesco's has a load of these in the clearance shelf for £4. I picked up a couple to try

These are 2013 vintage (I don't imagine there's much variation on vintages) but mine seems clearer than the one in you photo

flavour is very grapey (like schloer) with some peach too. No real citrus notes. This seems almost more a demi sec to me than a sweet dessert wine
ive been drinking it with Piri piri chicken yesterday and chicken curry today and have to say it matches pretty well. Fresh and sweet to cut through the spice.
I imagine it would work with fruit and fruit based dessert as you suggest too
I've not got a crunchie to try it with 😊

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Feb 27 15 2:08 PM

Maybe the vintages do change as any bottle I've tried is nothing like Schloer :-? and have definitely been dessert wines not demi secs. Each to their own but not one I would have with spicy food. We had a bottle at the scout wine tasting (£3 from Coop) and everyone thought it too sweet for their tastes.

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Feb 27 15 4:14 PM

That's really weird Clare..... Maybe I have a very sweet tooth (I wouldn't say so though)
Maybe a dodgey bottle and perhaps the reason for these being on the clearance shelf

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