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Aug 2 15 6:09 PM

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I'm wondering where my Hubby has gone as he is liking rioja far too much. It's never been a wine we've liked as it's been too tannic. He's tried many before, one wine fair he went on a mission to find a good rioja but didn't. 

So why now? Here's my question : has rioja sold here in the UK been soften to suit our preferred palate of fruiter less tannic wines? We've just bought Porta 6, Finca and Bobal which whilst not all riojas are heavy wines. 

Please don't worry about me though, I have my Loire Valley whites and Australian reds safely stored in our rack smiley: wink
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Aug 2 15 10:34 PM

Thanks Dave - it is as I suspected :-) rioja nowadays is nothing like the rioja I was introduced to years ago. I do get a chuckle that all the various wine countries still use 'French' oak barrels 😝

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Aug 20 15 8:03 PM

Sorry its taken so long to reply Dave but I have now read the article, there must have been a change, Rioja's seem more drinkable, or at least the ones I have fallen on just recently. I loved the Finca when I tasted that in my local Majestic a while back, bought a few bottles then it ran out in shop. Have one bottle left but cant bring myself to open it until I have replacements. And on that, Majestic have been pushing Dominio De Morfeo 2010 Castilla Y Leon as the alternative. Have you tried it?

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Aug 20 15 8:15 PM

Hi Nick,
Great to see you on board, going to take a trip to Majestic this weekend see what I can pick up.

No I haven't tried the Dominio de Morfeo, if they have any I might take the plunge also hope to get the Porta 6 and the Finca.

I will update on what I get.

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Aug 22 15 12:27 AM

Villa Nueva Malbec 2014 (Majestic)

Dave, if you are heading for Majestic I'd be interested to see what you (or anyone else) makes of this. I tasted it blind in the shop and got it wrong... not like nearly every other Malbec I'd had, lighter and fruitier at around 12.5%. Got a bottle to explore more fully, not done so yet. Certainly an interesting take on Malbec I thought. 

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