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Jul 1 15 7:53 AM

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We bought half a dozen litre bottles of this delicious wine when we were in Lauffen Germany last year. Put in the fridge to chill and at the early hour of 4pm a neighbour popped in for a coffee. Well, it was hot, and James and I were lounging under the magnolia tree - intermittently dozing and reading. So a glass of wine seemed a more refreshing idea than a coffee!

the wine was as lovely as we remembered it to be - a lovely mid rose colour and very fruity nose - raspberry, strawberry. Slight sign of fizz and  very much fruit driven flavour yet still crisp and dry. Good finish.

Delicious wish we'd got more. We finished the bottle by 6pm and so had water with dinner!

we may well order on line as they do deliver to the UK and at 4.90 euros this , given current exchange rate ,is an absolute steal!

also had a red Pinot Noir from same retailer stunning too. Will write it up after I've refreshed my taste buds about it!

if you are interested the Retailer is: Lauffener Weingartner EG. 

Could not see German rose so posted it under this section.

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Jul 1 15 12:22 PM

Another German hidden gem, I wasn't surprised to read your post at all; the region (Baden-Wurttemberg), I've yet to visit but do have a visit planned next month to - yes, finally - Franken, Wurzburg area. Cheers.

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