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Jun 3 15 7:03 PM

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I have a friend who has just retired and he is a real Rum fan, I want to get him a fairly good bottle as a present, around £30 - £40

Any recommendations !
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Jun 3 15 7:53 PM

It's not something we drink much of Dave. We quite like Red Leg (about £20). Nick said Sunday Brunch did a rum review on their show the other week and they usually keep details on their web site.

Let us know what you chose :-)

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Jun 4 15 8:48 PM

I believe these are very good but do not know from a personal point of view:

We use Drinkfinder a lot for whisky. It's an amazing shop in the village of Constantine in Cornwall. WInes and spirits are at the back of a post office / general store. An absolute Aladdin's cave. There may be something here to suit. Staff are very knowledgeable - ask for Mark if you do phone.


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