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Sep 16 14 4:16 PM

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Oh how lovely, so so smooth, gorgeous syrupy texture, great flavours of honey and marmalade. 

It was suggested to try this with blue cheese - you'd have to be careful which one as cheese is like some - not all the same. 

It was at the wine fair at £11.25 a bottle but a WbtC exclusive so £67.50 for six 

We noticed today here in France at the Nicolas store (like ourVictoria Wines) they have a bottle of Dizsnoko Tokaji Kesou Late Harvest for €12. It has Avery good write up; aromas of peaches and honey, with an smooth and enveloping finish. Maybe there will be some at our wine places in Calais. 
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Sep 16 14 5:03 PM

Both Mike (who recommended it to us) Agnes and myself, thought it was brilliant, with bright acidity, peachy, Oranges and honey and a great way to finish the Wine Fair, going to look out for it, hopefully instore.

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Sep 16 14 11:07 PM

Agreed that this was really nice. Probably my wine of the day (although I agree with Dave that the finest Vinha do Vinteiro was very good too)

They stock this in the Tesco metro at Canary wharf. It's a fairly new addition to Tesco as it's only been there a month or two

A local(ish) Morrisons store also sells it for a similar price and I picked up a 2005 & 2008 when they had their last 25% off
I'll certainly be checking it out again during their next round of offers in case it's ever double dipped

Clare, I bought 3 bottles of Chateau Imperial Tokaj tokaji 2001 putt5 from a Carrefour in Sables d'olonne during the summer. It was just €9.75 for 50cl which is a bargain compared to the price we pay for something similar in the uk
Happy hunting in Calais

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Sep 22 15 11:21 AM

Popped into Tesco today to stock up on Nicolas Feuillatte (I/2 Price atm).

Spotted some St Stephan's Crown Tokaji Aszu 2008 reduced to £7.99 a couple found their way into my basket as well

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Sep 22 15 12:14 PM

Great find Dave.
I suspected that would be the case because it's no longer available on twbtc but none of my local stores have it stocked despite having visited 3 that used to
Which store was that? did you clear the shelf? If not I may ask you to pick some up for me if you don't mind - can wire the money over to you if you see any more in store.
I'm going to have to go and broaden my search for this I guess as I really enjoyed it at the wine fair last year

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Sep 22 15 12:39 PM

Hi Mike,
It was the Rickmansworth Store, they only had two on the shelf which I bought, I can check if they have anymore and I will let you know.
If they have, I'm quite happy to get some for you.

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Sep 23 15 6:51 PM

Went back to the local Tesco no St Stephan's on the shelf.

I asked the guy I know who stocks the wine aisle and he told me that what was left on the shelf was all they had anyway and it's been there for a while, nobody bought it at full price of £15.99 but as soon as it was reduced it all went. He also told me to keep an eye out in the coming weeks as they are getting rid of a lot of their better wines cheap !

While I was there I picked up a Plantagenet Lioness Pinot Noir 2013 for £7.50

Also went to the main Tesco in Watford and a small Tesco Express, no sign of St Stephan's


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Sep 24 15 7:25 AM

Cheers Dave. I had a look round a could of larger East London Stores but no joy there
If you know anywhere stocking Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz, it might be worth keeping tabs as I've noticed it's been removed from both groceries and twbtc sites. It was in one of the stores for 24.99 still but looked like it was in the discount aisle so might end up being reduced soon for clearance

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