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May 19 17 7:56 AM

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Latest feet update: 

Left foot is nearly free - no cast, no boot just a splint - extremely painful, stiff and swollen but it's now weight bearing so little at a time 

Right foot is free and fully weight bearing, time to start walking on it a bit more each day. Seems impossible right now to walk but plenty of time and I'm sure physio will help loads. 

Best news is as soon as I'm up and about I no longer need the blood thinning stuff so can have more wine !!! 

Ed - I hope you are doing ok too. 

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May 21 17 11:11 AM

Hi Clare

Glad you are getting better although slowly and bit by bit. The pain dosen't sound great though!! You should tell them about that.

Mine has almost fully healed - wound closed and new skin - just a touch tender at the tip.
At least I can now shower properly without having to stick one arm up in the air!

Go easy on your left peg if you can.



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