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This morning, to make way for these wines into the cases they had pulled out a lot of the previous Easter-offerings that had been hanging around and reduced them to £3.99.
Marrema Toscana originally £7.99
Pauillac 2013 £11.99
Macon-Villages that I remember being quite Chablis-like that could have been £7.99

Several other bottles but not the Brunello nor the Amarone unfortunately.

Reasonable discounts tho'!

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Good to know thanks Eddie.  I take it you purchased a few if each then?
i was looking at that Toscana just the other day. I'll have a look tonight to see if my store is discounting it. Somehow I very much doubt it though.
which Pauillac is it that was discounted? 

Have a look for the Chianti Riserva. Plenty of bottles in my store on Tuesday and still labelled at the original price of £8.99 but online and when put through the till it is £5.99. A good price for a 7 year old example (2013 also available in some stores). I tried a small glass of 2010 on wednesday evening and although bricking in colour, it had nice and fresh flavour.  
I was out last night so will return to the rest of the bottle again tonight.

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The under-manager was filling a metal aisle unit so I had a chat. What she knew was, the Brunello at £15.99 was flagged-up at £3.99 before she put them out, but then taken off the discounted stock, as was the Amarone. Clearly someone at headquarters had said..get rid of old stock.....and then someone else had the insight to say......but not those expensive Italians!!!!
The important thing was this staff member had it sorted at any time any way because she would have lifted all the choice stuff and it would never have reached the shop floor! She said she had cleaned-up on expensive champagne at Xmas like this!! Some hope for customers to lay their hands on these bottles.

The Pauillac is the 2013 Le Pavillion that my old catalogue says was £11.99. It comes from the 'right place' but it's not the exact vintage we might choose. I opened a bottle and at £3.99 it was a no-brainer...I should have taken the lot!!! But I've been spending rather freely of late and cant really justify so much more money when I'm away to France for 3 weeks soon. Its been left overnight to see how the rest of the bottle might develop but first impression was very good anyway.

Apparantly the 2014 is costing £12.96 at E Leclerc.

The Macon-Villages we had with a fish pie.For the money, and white Burgundy, no complaints well chilled, though it was got mainly for my wife's taste in whites. The Toscana was my Xmas day last tipple at full price so at half the money it will wash down some game meat and tomato ragu with pappardelle. That Chianti Reserva was flagged up by Dave's mate who does reviews as being a better bet than the Toscana. I liked them both but there was none of the Chianti at £3.99 otherwise I'd have had some.

Lidl is so hit-and-miss with this discounting thing. If you are in and out of these shops every day you'll no doubt see most stuff first but who can organise their lives obsessionally like that. Anyway its too hot just now for dashing about! I see the 3 bottle-20% off for new stock in the cases is back next week.

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Thanks for the info. Very interesting
had a quick react in two stores yesterday but only one had a clearance bin but nothing very interesting in there, certainly not the wines you've listed so a great find for you!

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