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May 12 17 1:48 PM

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Yes to Clare's thread on offers including Tesco.....and I was rather taken with that Nic Juby Portuguese red selection that came to me by email advertising 40% off a case. £6 instead of £10.

But once again they giveth with one hand and taketh  away etc.......

I went through the ordering procedure to check out a £6 off a £40 instore/on line purchase voucher...even added another case of something I fancied......the Ca' Marrone Italian Red at only £6.50.....found to be delicious stuff from having a bottle a while spending more than £60 I could have free delivery too.........and guess what?

Read the small print on the reverse of the voucher and they have whipped-away the goalposts completely! Only a couple of months back I used a voucher instore and include a reduced single malt into my shopping wife an apricot brandy too......£6 off £40 probs...thank you!

Now you cannot use these vouchers to include ANY ALCOHOL!!

OK the similar Sainsbury's  vouchers won't let you include spirits and liquers....not always in a weekly shopping basket anyway...... but they still work for wine that I appreciate.

But Tesco shoot themselves in the foot here when these vouchers are for 'grocery' items and grocery items include wine surely, but alcohol isn't included any more. I wonder if beer and sherry are disallowed? I suspect so.

If anybody finds anything different happening for them please let me know what button I'm not properly pressing. In the meantime Tesco again don't have my business when they send me vouchers to encourage me to return to shopping with them but then disallow certain products I want to buy.
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May 18 17 12:35 PM least partly sorted. The wine does not look to be affected now where using one of these vouchers is concerned to purchase ALCOHOL.... but you have to be very careful how you arrive at the checkout and make sure you are beyond the minimum purchase!

They have a 25% of 6 bottles deal starting should have started yesterday but it got cocked-up apparently.

The thing is..on-line at least.....through the grocery section where you can order individual bottles of anything.......the buy-6 thing looks only to work on buying 6 of the same thing.....and then it stops working!! Try and buy 7 bottles....why would you........and it will give the discount on 6 but the 7th bottle of the order is back to full price!

To get the 25% off you have to buy in multiples of 6 therefore...but as I say.....thats just like TWBTC and having the usual 6 bottle cases. I havent been to check if this is also the case in-store or if there it is typical mix and match thing going on there.

I've got lucky and the wine I specifically wanted....the Ca' Marrone Appasimento Italian Red at only £6.50 has come in at £4.90 but using a £6 off voucher and buying 12 bottles they are now just £4.35 each for a rather classy red in almost Amarrone style. My house red then for the next couple of months. Happy shopping.

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