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Apr 27 17 3:16 PM

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Hi all

Clare has asked me to choose a wine for May's Tasting - here is a delicious white from Aldl's Exquisite range and very reasonably priced - I have the 2014 & 2015 vintages at home but I guess you should go for whatever vintage Aldi is now selling in your local store.

Here is a pic: but be very careful as the Exquisite Limestone Coast SB has an almost identical label - but, in my humble opinion, the Chardonnay is much nicer.


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May 21 17 10:14 AM

Yes Ed, my preference for red across-the-board and even rose too exceeds any really big interest in whites....EXCEPT....there are exceptions featuring Sauvignon Blanc from both the Loire and Marlborough and anything that I might stumble upon via recommendation.

I apologise for being a party pooper here with this suggestion but then, apart from Chablis...that is a rare purchase for me anyway.....I'm no Chardonnay fan especially offerings from Australia.

That said, this is decent enough wine to drink by those who do get on with Oz offerings I'm sure and though I personally wouldn't buy it again with preference....tho' the price is ok wife really enjoyed it, and she certainly is no white-wine-in-preference person other than for the occasional taster as an aperitif and a glass of white fizz if no Oz rose is on offer...her chosen favourite btw. She likes it a touch sweet more than citrus sharp then, and so the bottle was hers to finish after my two small glasses as I checked it out.

As ever thank you for flagging-up something different I might ordinarily have overlooked. Exploration is what its all about.

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May 21 17 9:27 PM

Managed to pick this months tasting up this afternoon, was a 2015 vintage. Clare and I shared it with a roast chicken dinner.
Not normally Chardonnay buyers or drinkers, but I do like an oaked ones when on the rare occasions I have tried one. This ones unoaked and not any worse for that, nose wise subtle honeyed vanilla, peaches, taste wise refreshing easy drinker, has to be chilled I think, for me lacking a little complexity but dry creamy, buttery, touch of vanilla, white stone fruits pears perhaps bit of minerality. Didnt taste any pineapple or citrusy fruits but may be thats me. Thanks Ed, good choice, we both liked it and at less than £6, its good value,  it tastes like a more expensive wine you might easily spend more than £12 on.

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May 25 17 7:36 PM

Hi all

Will save my review until Dave's is done. Take it easy all.

Strangely enough I got an email from Aldi to give a review but as I bought a case that's quite normal.


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May 26 17 6:55 AM

Was going to drink this at the weekend but the weather was so good we opened it up last night with dinner in the garden
Let me say straight away that I'm a big fan of most wines from Aldi (apart from the odd one or two) and all of the Exquisite collection have been very good so far.
This is my first taste of this particular bottle.

Lovely clear lemon colour with what smelt overwhemingly like fresh fruit salad with a touch of tinned pears
The tinned fruit theme  carries on in the taste, refreshingly bright and maybe with a slight yeasty savoury note.
Usually I prefer some oak in Chardonnay but this one still had a touch of creaminess about it.
Overall it was very moreish and I enjoyed it as did Agnes and the bottle didn't last long, so another very good Exquisite offering from Aldi and one I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

Nice Ed, image

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May 28 17 6:51 PM

Here's my review of the 2015 (still got a couple of 2014s in my 'cellar'):

In the glass very clean & vibrant with a pale straw colour and a faint tinge of greenness.
For me, the aroma was mainly of white melon but with hints of cream and tangerine.

Tastes very refreshing with a well rounded texture (hint of creaminess), hints of white peach with a long citrus finish and ever so slightly zesty at the end.

Very easy and pleasant to drink. And at this price level a very good wine indeed very good value for money. I agree with Nick this tastes like a wine that you would expect to be more expensive than it actually is.

I hope you all enjoyed trying this wine - it sounds like you did.

Thanks for your reviews guys.


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May 29 17 10:19 AM

Served very well chilled on a hot balmy evening.

In the glass a very pale colour with hints of citrus and a tropical fruit nose. Suprisingly - and pleasingly - crisp. The citrus and honey melon flavours came through along with slight hints of vanilla. I liked this wine very much. An absolute bargain and delicious sitting in the sun after a very tiring day with two boisterous young boys (grandchildren whose energy keeps on going - a bit like us till they left then the quiet was annoying!) Anyway back to the wine - really enjoyed it and will probably buy again.Well chosen Ed, many thanks.

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