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Apr 21 17 6:10 PM

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Well that solves any debate then! A number of us were discussing not bothering this year, but the decision has been taken out of hands as Tesco continues to waive the white flag when it comes to wine and their customers! 

In in other news, Decanter are running a champagne and sparkling wine tasting event in London in June, but at £60 each a ticket, it's not for me.


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Apr 21 17 6:27 PM

Shame about Tesco.  Notice a few deals coming back to their shelves recently (actually drawing me away from Sainsburys).

Yes I had to grimace at the Decanter event.  Just like their other yearly events, they've well priced themselves out of the market now, especially as the Sparkling event is only 3.5 hrs too.  

Thankfully I've been able to get free trade tickets to an extremely similar event this coming Monday - The Glass of Bubbly Champagne/Sparkling Summit.  Features 8 speakers (including old school Champs author Nick Faith who I'm really going to try to meet up with) and 72 producers across Champs/Cava/Prosecco/English and various others.

Some 20-ish English producers there so that's the angle i'm going for.  Should be good. Escpecially as I love my fizz.

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