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Apr 14 17 11:59 PM

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This is very very good at the price.

I struggle with Chianti that I dearly love,   when in profusion it so very often comes through as ordinary.....much like a lot of Bordeaux wines do.

Too much money for  very average stuff!

But not this from Laithwaites. I got 3 bottles and now have one left. I wish I had ordered more. Elegant, characterful, ripe, dark  cherries and very drinkable it is even at the full price a good buy if you want a Chianti that does the business.

We drank it over two days, the second being the best, but it warrants something with meat like rabbit or minced wild boar with pappardelle to do it authentic justice.

Lovely stuff!!
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Apr 19 17 5:38 PM

Sounds nice. I'm not to savvy on Italian wines, something I'd like to remedy.
I've just booked flights to Florence in Aug for a week in Tuscany. Anything/anywhere you'd recommend?

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Apr 22 17 2:22 AM

Oh yes.....presuming you will have a car.........for a wine experience you must go to Bolgheri and the home of the original SuperTuscans. Lovely to stroll around the village and a few little delis and wine shops. Not a big place at all but rather atmospheric in the summer heat.

Look out for farmers stalls on the side of the roads around there selling Cab. Sauv./Merlot/Sangiovese .....they might just be planting their own vines not a great distance from Tenuta San Guido and their Sassicaia

San Gimignano is worth it too if this is a first time trip. Just about the first shop thro' the town gate on the lhs sells wine!! The local Vernaccia whites are cheap and very enjoyable and characterful without being show-stoppers.

And you won't get any grape harvest festivals in August....a month to early.... but Greve-in-Chianti you might like anyway.There is plenty of the Sangiovese around there.

But everywhere will be well busy and Florence itself likely over-subscribed. But it's all there outdoors in your face yeah, even if the queues for the Uffizi are unbearable.Book a guided tour and you can bypass the queing

I prefer the cobbled ,narrow streets of Siena and turning the around that last corner.......and stepping into The Campo.....stunningly magnificent. Try to watch a good film before you go about the Palio horse race so even if it isn't happening then for real you can still feel and imagine the atmosphere.

All to the accompaniment of wild boar or rabbit pappardelle pasta washed down with Chianti.

Tuscany deserves its hyperbole as one of those bits that people say is gods own country. Doesn't have to be the biggest towns even though you shouldn't miss the 'leaning tower'. But just out driving the small roads across endless hills is a joy. Oh and maybe have a look at Lucca too.......! The list is endless really......

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Apr 25 17 11:24 PM

Cheers for the suggestions.
I've booked one night hotel stay at Florence and will work my way down through the region.
I'd love to get over to Bolgheri to try the super tuscans. I'm aware of Sassicaia but obviously waaaaay out of my price range to have tried it. Ornellaia is another producer I'd like to try too.
It's just whether I can squeeze this in on top of planned visits to Chianti (2nights), montalcino & montepulciano
in the worst case I'll have an excuse to make another visit in future

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Apr 26 17 11:49 PM

We were down in Sarteano one year and went into Montepulciano. A bit disappointing....just another southern Tuscan ordinary small town by comparison with Bolgheri that I know would knock you out with atmosphere....the drive up to the village along the straight road lined with Lombardy poplars for over a mile alone is worth the visit and then driving the quiet lanes around that district past those famous tenute is wonderful.

Ive seen single glasses of Sassicaia and Ornellaia offered at pro-rata prices so if you can afford €30-€40 for a try of a small sample it is there. But a whole bottle of the lesser estates can be had for €15. Even local supermarkets in Cecina have a few available. Its the same with any of the Brunellos as well that interest me a lot because its a Sangiovese varietal and gets great reviews. I like it a lot but can rarely afford it. Lidl have one just now.......if you have £15.99 to spend!!

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