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Apr 5 17 5:20 PM

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Heads up folks. Offer runs online for deliveries by 9th Apr. Think in store offer runs to 7th
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Apr 6 17 2:08 PM

I thought was the case too. Not entirely sure in this instance as there's no indication in the signs that are up in store and I didn't get to ask any off the staff. Online however it says for orders delivered by 9th....

another her heads up - Tesco has joined the party today. Guessing it's available in store but groceries valid for deliveries from tomorrow

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Apr 7 17 10:31 PM


Cune Gran Reserva @ Tesco (£9.38 after the discount) is worth a look. I split a case of 6 with a friend.
The reserva goes for the same price at maj & waitrose
This wine has received some good reviews and sells for a lot more elsewhere (cru wine were selling it for £20 and Vivino have a "discounted" offer of £15.50)

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Apr 9 17 6:06 PM

I bought 14 bottles on Friday including that German Pinot Blanc I've been wanting to try for a while and was waiting for 'the reduction' £4.50 in this case.

I had the Piesporter Michelsberg at £3.45 that I enjoyed but couldn't interest my wife in it! Has to be well chilled even for me..... a true medium sweet...not even off-dry......but supreme German typicality that once in a while makes a very acceptable wine accompaniment to Chinese food instead of jasmine tea or Tsing Tao beer.

Ribera Duero wasn't as good as I expected until next day and it improved a little. The Era Constana Rioja the same.

I have Chilean Pinot Noir to go at as well as Montpiperre Sauvignon blanc and a Guner Veltliner too.....also....a Primitivo.

Sale was still on this morning when I was in but I'd run out of dosh and inclination after that Friday binge.

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Apr 9 17 9:46 PM

I used the Sainsbury's offer to buy some Miraval rose (I never drink rose but having had a bottle on a recent ski trip I'm going to give it more of a chance) and prosecco for Patsy.
I bought the Cune GR I mentioned the other day (split a case of 6 with a friend of mine for now).

Looking at the Tesco groceries site today the offer now reads 10th Apr - 24th Apr
Sainsbury's don't seem to have followed suit for now

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