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Apr 1 17 12:29 PM

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Clare has kindly asked me to nominate the April 2017 tasting wine. I have selected Beyerskloof Pinotage Reserve Selection 2015. We had a wonderful time at the Beyerskloof cellar door in 2015, and this one tastes just as good as we remember it. Bargain at just £7.99 (mix six price) at Majestic. Enjoy!

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Apr 1 17 2:47 PM

Oh I thought I had replied saying that - my post must be having a lie down haha

I have tweeted Stratford saying it's our nominated wine this morning then so hopefully they will have some in - might drop them an email too

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Apr 17 17 10:03 PM

I think I'm going to give this one a miss. I've tried lots of pinot age and do not like at all. Having said that this could be the one to change my mind!

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First up the initial tasting was done while suffering a bit from hay fever (tree & grass pollen gets me) so my 'nose' probably not at it's best!......

In the glass a deep opaque purple with a clear rim and goodish 'legs' - after all 13.5%.
On the nose very predominently blackberry aromas but also a sense of richness and vanilla (presumably from the ageing in French oak berrels).

A pleasant texture on the initial palate,  initially restrained but nice black fruit with structured woody but not unpleasant tannins, leading to a long very nice finish of black fruit & savoury spice. This tasting was done pretty much straight out of the bottle.
A few hours later those tannins have mellowed quite alot to give a semi-smooth but rich and intense dark fruit taste.

Quite nice and a wine whose taste exhibits some quality (which it should do if paying £10.99 for a single bottle)!

The acid test - would I buy again? .... well I think I definitely would but only if I could get the 'six mix' price when buying other wines with it.

It's a pretty nice wine - lots of blackberry fruit, good quality, and quite decent. And for a Pinotage...slightly up-market... some of the older style Pinotages can be quite 'rustic', but this one has got some class.

Good choice DAVID.

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Pinotage not everyones cup of tea, almost like the marmite of the wine world you either love it or hate it.
This one is very much in the I love camp, like eating plums off freshly laid tarmac.
This is full of red fruits, plums and  sour cherries, bright acidity and a little sour tasting on the finish.
Then there's the burnt rubber thing going on (appealing to me) noticeable tannins and a hit of oak.
There is also some spice and mocha but I think the overiding flavour of rubber and sourness (doesn't sound good but it works) are what this wine is all about and it's very easy to drink, perhaps a little too easy.

So a thumbs up from me and a nice unusual selection, thanks David.

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