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Mar 28 17 7:33 PM

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Cono Sur are a reliable brand, this one I can highly recommend, loved it. Carmenere is now on my list. At present I think its about  a fiver at Asda. Stunning dark velvety purple with great red berry fruits, long after taste, warming and spicy but not overbearing. No tannins to speak of, for me most enjoyable red for a while. Will buy again, if you have not tried it before, give it a go. 
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Mar 28 17 10:57 PM

Recommend another.....Lidl have their Cimarosa Carmenere.....that has featured as a crate-special recently at £6.99 I think.

I have the Cab. Sauv. in this blue-top range too, and that is very good as well....better than many Bordeaux at twice the price.

This CS Bicicleta used to be £3.99 3-4 years ago for the 2010 at B&M. It was the only CS they did. Must have had a job-lot/buy-in but it ran for several months before disappearing off the shelves never to reappear.

TescoWineCommunity competition back in the day......and I won a full case of CS wines to review. But I remember the only one missing, from a wide range of grape varieties, that I already knew well and that Tesco never stocked then..... was the Carmenere!!!

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Mar 29 17 5:16 AM

Co-op do a couple, Casillero del Diablo and the Fairtrade Carmenere which I've not tried but gets good reviews and only around £5.
Morrisons do a good one called Rooot 1 - £8
Majestic have the Errazuriz which is also very good for around £7-£8

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