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Mar 17 17 1:22 AM

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It’s interesting amongst wine drinkers and commentators  how rosé as a category/genre  gets dismissed completely almost,  as an invalid entity.....neither nowt nor summit!

Sure there are preferences amongst all genres but surely rosés have their place when there are particular wines as distinctive as Anjou, Tavel and Provençal  in France perticularly, the true home of rose, that show characteristics worthy of decent, drinkable wines that have their place on the table at some time or other.

I have to declare an interest or a preference at least and say I really enjoy rosé wines in so many guises from different sources.It is a different wine philosophy, like where are the NZ and Oz ones…there aren’t hardly any…..but I was brought up on 50 years ago Romanian Hirondelle and Portuguese Mateus, the latter that I still enjoy immensely, it so has its place, that a place in my cellar especially for so many diverse bottles especially , exists!

So here we have a Spanish Rosado from the north west and I have to say, hand on heart, that where rosé detractors might be concerned, here is a wine of maximum integrity and superior quality to lay the myth that the style is a poor mongrel and hardly worth consideration. Not so, amongst exceptionally appealing, and even  superb accompaniment to certain food, or indeed stand-alone consumption, this, well-chilled for me especially, is hugely enjoyable stuff of real quality. It has depth, fruit, elegance, style and character and given the price it is perfectly and massively enjoyable value for money that I could recommend to any open-minded individual, being as good as it gets,  to deliver pleasurable wine consumption.

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Mar 17 17 8:51 AM

This sounds good. Both Gill (Pollygp on here) and I really enjoy rose. We used to buy a lot from Laithwaites but have not done so for along time. It seems that almost as soon as Spring arrives and days get longer that we begin drinking it. Like you, Eddie we love French rose but also of late have enjoyed some fantastic bottles from Germany.

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May 23 17 8:45 AM

I had three bottles and opened the second last weekend. It made me want to go look for more even though we are away to France for 3 weeks in 10 days time where I can source stuff I like for a great price.

Lidl usually do a Tavel for €4.99 that makes it currently is 4.30GBP and given the time of year most supermarkets have rose sections three times the size of what is on offer here these days that has increased itself over the years. We are not spoiled for choice anywhere it seems.

Quelle horreurs...... Laithwaite no longer have this Las Chorlas! Who knows if they ever will again and I can't spot it for sale anywhere else.

Help from anybody who spots it the meantime.....bonjour! va......

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