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Mar 2 17 8:03 AM

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Encantado Shiraz Reserva 2013                     Waitrose £9.99

Full of bright ripe dark cherries, slightly floral with a hit of white pepper and 14% alcohol
I really enjoyed this but be warned it does need time to breath before settling down, initially it's a little tart with pronounced tannins but after an hour or so things improved dramatically.

We drank this with food  and I was really surprised how much this changed after a little time in the glass, turning much smoother and velevety with the tannins and acidity calming down.

One to buy and decant or lay down I suggest but very good !
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Mar 2 17 4:48 PM

I thought I recognised this Dave. I have one bottle left in the must have drunk the other 5!

I think I must have liked it too..... but never got round to saying......

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May 19 17 2:58 PM

Couldn't resist it last evening with a meaty ragu and spaghetti!!

Wow! was good......shared a couple of glasses with my better half.....and 'big' as it was she didn't blanch from her responsibilities and got stuck in......I dragged it out over 3-4 hours to finish the remainders with a little strong cheese.

So this would be £2.50 off a bottle on a 25% deal! Still rather decent value I feel at £7.50. Nobody but Waitrose seems to do it.

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