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Feb 1 17 4:57 PM

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Dave, you mentioned a web site where you can log which h grapes you've tasted - could you share the link please, Ithink this would be great fun to do, thanks 
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Feb 1 17 6:10 PM

It's called the Wine Century Club
Just download the application form and tick off the grapes 

I did it a while ago and submitted my application but never heard back, still good fun seeing just how many grapes we've tasted, you'll be surprised.

Just re-submitted my form (I did 103 grapes, that I can remember)

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Feb 1 17 6:46 PM

Thanks Dave - I got 62 but I haven't checked my notes book as the ones I ticked are obvious and I'm sure we've had some others hidden away but I can't remember off hand - a great exercise, thanks for the link

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Feb 2 17 10:32 PM

I did this a fair while ago (you can read my blog on it at

I also didn't originally hear back but I tracked Steve down on Twitter, pestered him a bit and the Certificate finally came through - looks very nice framed in my office.  I passed the 200 varieties some time back and sent the form off again.  Didn't hear back again and, to be fair, couldn't be bothered to chase him again for that.

Was fun doing the 100 though

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