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Dec 3 16 3:48 PM

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Well, as you can spot I've finished my self imposed alcohol free period.

Went to the fridge - which I usually keep stocked  to find that I had forgotten to replenish the white wine.  What to drink? Didn't fancy beer, spirits or red but I spotted a bottle of rose left there since September so over chilled. Brought it out to warm up slightly and then poured a glass each for myself and James.

Almost a pale coral pinky orange colour with a disitinctive cherry strawberry aroma.  Made from Pinot Noir I had expected this. Taste wise it was delicate, fruity with a hint of herbaceousness and a  slight mineral edge. Refreshing and elegant a good match for our chicken in tarragon sauce. This is a rose which is delightful even out of the season - traditional rose drinking time for us.

I think that my next self imposed abstinence will be sometime away now!
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Dec 6 16 2:37 PM

FYI Ladies (& gents - I was referring to those in this post rather than saying it's just for ladies to drink), the Sancerre Blanc by the same producer is currently on offer at M&S with double disco opportunity: down from £15 to £10, then take 25% off when buying 6 bottles of wine or beer in store = £7.50
A bargain price for a reasonable Sancerre. I bought two on Friday, having already stocked up on the 50cl bottles when double disco'd in the past.


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