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 This was part of the August 2016 Aldi Wine Festival and at the price and it being the cheapest white there, I bought it.

 I can’t think I’ve ever had a white Dão in my life before so this was a departure from a norm.  I did have that current Aldi news sheet with me to give me a few facts.

Let’s go to a typical ending here…..would I buy it again….oh…I’m out the door clutching my pocket money as I write!

Then back to why? I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but it referred to lovely, light and fresh! And this was to be my aperitif because it also said easy-drinking.But whilst I was prepping a substantial chillie’ I did a couple of slices of thin toast and liberally spread on a tasty Ardennes pâté and drank this wine.

Awwww beautiful! Pale as pale green as could be, really well chilled, thought I’d start from there and let it warm but the glass was empty before it got chance to, citrusy and fresh and crisp and ……it had some length on the finish. Admittedly not what you’d get from a Viognier (that I bought as well!) but far and away a bottle of some depth and not at all wishy-washy, and worked great with my wee appetiser.

Turns out reading more this has been made by one Nuno Canceta de Abreu in an eco-friendly vineyard where he’s adapted to protect the local bird population. Oh my word, a man after my own heart. Though with me it’s not the irresponsible use of insecticides that he is avoiding,  but the kind of defensive pest control for scaring the beejazus out of my neighbours cats who would dare to come and decimate my pretty feathery friends.

I can’t get over how much first-rate stuff I’ve been buying at both Aldi and Lidl these last few weeks for around £5 to £6. Long may it continue.

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