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Aug 22 16 5:49 PM

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 Every supermarket has one it seems, a red Douro that is, and no wonder.

I have enjoyed Tesco’s in the past and indeed have been able to get it at 25% off its usual £5 price.

So here is a non-discounted bottle at Aldi for £5.99.A couple of GBPs here or there is probably nothing to quibble about and I’d say this one is better all-round than the Tesco’, and that counts for more than extra money.

So, a cuvée of three grape varieties and it’s a big, meaty wine with plenty of red and black berry fruit and easy-going tannins, but quite dry all the same when compared to the Romanian red I’d opened at the same time (see that review here too under rest of the world). It went fine with a medium rare rump steak, a natural partnership, and the rest of the bottle made for great accompaniment afterwards to the Olympics closing ceremony.

 As an afterthought, Lidl have one too just now, Azinhaga de Ouro, scores 90/100 on their points system and that is £4.99 and it’s very good, possibly better by a short head than the Aldi bottle. And if you were in Lidl you could try their other Portuguese offering if there’s any left, Almocreve Alentejano also £4.99.

I’m spoiled and lucky because my Aldilidls are so close to each other and can shop for best of both worlds!

All these Iberian wines are coming up good just now for not a lot of money.

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