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Jul 6 16 8:17 AM

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As forum owner I don't see any but Dave informs me the adverts are now quite regular especially when using mobiles. I know the ladies on my cross stitch forum dislike them, especially the music! 

The only way to be rid is to pay Yuku to be ad-free - it's $6 a month. 

The Stitch ladies do it a couple of ways - we meet twice a year and hold a raffle with all money going to pay to remove the adverts (we're only 5/6 people, all bring a prize and although we're still paying it's nice to have a little something - usually raise enough for 5 months as free)

The other way is direct contribution - the stitch ladies living abroad or unable to go to the meet ups donate a month's worth every now and then. 

So my idea is for now if anyone would like to contribute to getting rid of the ads the link is at the top of the home page 'Contribute Now!' or follow this link

Then when we have our next weekend away we could have a raffle and use the money for a few more ad-free months. 

Like I said I don't see them so the decision about whether you want ad-free is your choice, contributions make the board ad-free for all viewers not just contributor.

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Jul 6 16 5:38 PM

Thanks for the info Clare, the adverts are not too intrusive atm so I'll live with it.
I do most of forum stuff on desktop which only shows adverts on login page and at the bottom of the screen when logged on, I'll wait and see if it gets any worse. 

Raffle seems like a good idea.

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Jul 6 16 6:32 PM

I only use CR on a Kindle Fire HD and a laptop. I see adverts on the kindle only in mobile view in the silk browser. If I go settings and change the view from mobile to desktop the adverts disappear

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Jul 10 16 12:53 PM

When using mobile view in Safari on my iPhone the ads appear after the third post of every thread. Usually for mobile games
When I switch to desktop view the ads aren't visible but there are "remove this ad" texts in people's posts
So while annoying they're not so annoying yet that I'd want them removed for now

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Sep 26 16 8:25 AM

Nick found a link on his page (next to an advert I think) that said about removing the ad - I didn't know but it looks like you can subscribe individually rather than contribute to the board.

I can't see the details as being owner my account is different.

To pay for the forum to be advert free costs $6 a month but it looks like an individual subscription (so you see no adds but others still do) is $10.80 a year - if this is the case it looks cheaper to do individual subscriptions.

Just to add I have found the personal link - go to your account and there should be a link to Yuku Supporter - click and next page there's a status link and the details are in there. 

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Sep 26 16 11:35 AM

I've become a Yuku supporter now and those annoying Ads have now gone only cost £8 (a bottle of wine) for the year, well worth it, the adverts were getting more annoying.

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Sep 27 16 9:10 AM

I'm getting ad's now at the bottom of the page. They seem easily clicked out but then another returns.

And Clare's last post above has a large Waitrose Cellar ad in the body of her actual posting.

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Sep 27 16 9:29 AM

Ooops........And now I see I have one in the body of my last posting too.......Fishers Investments....a 15 minute retirement plan........they don't give you long do they!!!

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Sep 27 16 5:53 PM

Tried an Adblocker, didnt work, tried changing google ad settings, no change, became a supporter all ads gone. There must be embedded scripting running on the page that pulls in ads.

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Sep 28 16 6:11 PM

Glad they've gone when you become a supporter, sorry you had to pay but I guess Yuku have to finance their sites somehow 😛

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