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Mar 8 16 11:23 AM

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Finally got round to doing this!  Those who are here from Tesco Wine Community may remember me as Darth Vader - silly name but chosen by grandchildren following on from my appearance at a birthday party. Married to Gill ( Pollygp on this site). We seem to like pretty much the same things including wine where old world usually, but not always, reigns.I  particularly enjoy French wine and of recent years have developed a liking for German and Austrian wine .  I guess this is because we have visited  France for so many years and have visited so many of the different regions enjoying wine - and other local drinks -  whilst there.

We both belong to a village wine tasting group (nicknamed by some as the inebriates!). As a result of this we have tried many wines we would not normally have chosen - including the German and Austrian wine we like so much now. We have had a few wine tasting tours with our village group which have been excellent, combining good food, wine and finding out a bit more about the regions we have visited.

Until a few years ago I would always have chosen to drink quite heavy red wine but following a serious illness I found that I could no longer cope with this so developed a real taste for white wine. I am delighted to say that my system has recovered and I now enjoy red wine again.

Good to see so many people writing about their favourite tipples and sharing information and ideas.
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Mar 8 16 2:43 PM

Yes...welcome to the group James....happy chatting!


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